Sohlium products are guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest quality. Care for them properly and you will get many years of enjoyment. Your satisfaction is our priority so contact us at any time if you have any concerns.


Each Sohlium Product is guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest quality. Made with Sunbrella® fabric, our products look great for the long term, have built-in UV, mould, mildew, water and stain resistance and are durable and easy to care for. In other words, use them anywhere you like.

Care for your Sohlium product properly and you will get many years of enjoyment.


Proudly made in New Zealand.

​Pricing excludes shipping costs.

'Chill' Luxury Beanbag Lounger


    • Always follow Sunbrella’s ® fabric care and stain removal instructions.

    • Brush off dirt and crumbs before they become embedded in the fabric.

    • Deal with spills and stains immediately by spot treating the mess. Take care to blot (not rub) spills. The quicker you deal with stains, the easier they are to remove.

    • An occasional general or light cleaning will keep your Sohlium product looking great.

    • Store away from direct sunlight in a safe dry place when not in use.

    • Avoid storing your Sohlium product in plastic. Whilst plastic might protect it against dust, it will not allow your beanbag to breathe and it may develop mildew.

    • For stubborn or heavy stains and more detailed cleaning advice for Sunbrella® fabric please visit the following page





    Sohlium products come with a lifetime warranty against deterioration or damage due to a product shortcoming or deficiency which resulted from a deviation to the product design during manufacturing.


    Sohlium products come with a 5 year product warranty. This covers any defects in materials and components.


    • Normal wear and tear is not covered.

    • Defects that result from negligence, accidents or misuse the product was not designed for.

    • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care.

    • Any condition resulting from use other than ordinary residential use including commercial use.

    • Salt water damage resulting from prolonged immersion or soaking in salt water which may cause defects or deterioration to the fabric or components. The product will tolerate normal use conditions such as surface splashes from sea-spray.

    • The warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable.



    In the unlikely case of any deterioration or damage to your Sohlium product covered by our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty or Five-Year Product Warranty, contact us or with details of the deterioration or damage and when and where the product was purchased.

    We will most likely ask you to return the product to us in Auckland for an inspection and assessment. If we accept your warranty claim we will at our discretion choose to repair or replace your product at our cost.